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Are you having a hard time navigating through your PMU services?

Did you know that only 27% percent of people who get a professional license go on to practice while the other 73% never start due to lack of confidence or feeling like they are not ready?

Don't be a statistic, make your investment count and flourish in this industry.
What is a guidance session?

Our guidance sessions are designed to assist Estheticians and certified PMU artist with specific eyebrow procedures from start to finish on a live model. These sessions are hands-on, fully guided and supervised to help break the ice, understand service flow and regain confidence when working with clients. 

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The process of shaping eyebrows by a beauty master with a thread for a young lady in the s

During this 1-1 session, your instructor will shadow and guide you through the service of choice with a live model. If you are unable to find a model, we can assist you. Supplies needed to carry out each service will be provided by your instructor. Students are expected to bring their own PMU machines and positive attitude. 

What you will learn

Eyebrows microblading concept, eyebrow permanent makeup procedure. Beauty expert is wearin

Guidance sessions are customized to each students individual needs. Although each session is structured to run the same way, we may focus on a particular aspect of a service to help strengthen any weaknesses. Our goal is to ensure the student can successfully complete services with confidence without direction in the future.

close-up in the hands of a permanent eyebrow tattoo artist is a tattoo machine and permane

Because each student is already certified, we will be addressing service based needs associated with consultation and intake, initial service and any aftercare instructions given to clients. Below, each session outlines the specifics of what will be covered in each guidance session. 

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Get the confidence you need!

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Allie Yamaguchi has been in the beauty industry for 11 years. She has seen so much growth and change in this forever evolving, profitable enterprise and is looking to incorporate ongoing education opportunities for beauty professionals. Allie has seen firsthand how education holds both weight and value while also giving you the confidence you need to get the job done correctly and efficiently. 


As a licensed esthetician, she can speak to the actual service and import concerns related to the skin and how outside factors can impact services based on skin type, skincare, and medications. Get the assurance you need and sign up today!