Service List

Pricing information and details

Our schedule opens the last day of each month at 12:00 noon for booking for the following month. If you are unable to book, that means the schedule has been booked for the month.

Waxing Services 

Brow Shaping 


Hella Beat Brow Shaping


Specialty Eyebrow Services

Brow Consultation


Goes towards total service cost.

Brow Lamination


Microblading Service


Includes consultation, numbing treatment, balancing appointment 

4-6 weeks post treatment if needed.

Not a good service for someone who has oily skin or people taking certain medications!! Please read about who's a good candidate by clicking the eyebrow services tab.

Microblading Touch Ups

Within 6 Months $100.00.

12 Months $150.00.

Exceeding 2 years

Will be considered a new full service.

Ombre' Powder Brows


All machine shading. Includes a consultation, two forms of numbing treatment, balancing appointment 6-8 weeks post treatment, if needed. Great for clients with oily skin. Results last up to 1-2 years depending on aftercare and overall health.

Hella Beat Brow Blend


A combination of microblading and custom ombre' shading that creates a more enhanced, dense and defined set of brows. This brow combo is perfect for clients with oily skin, previous tattoos, microblading work or those who desire more fullness and density than Microblading alone.

Shading/combo touch ups

6months $100.00

1 year $180.00

1 year, 6 months $200.00

Exceeding 2 years, will be considered a new service.

Note: Touch ups on another techs work must be accessed to determine what brow service, if any, would best fit the original service received before booking. Working on another techs works is considered a new service and will be subject to new intake forms and consultation. If you are interested in booking to have work corrected or touched up, please reach out to Allie Yamaguchi via email. In your message include when treatment was done and send photos in good lighting.


Microblading, ombre' and combo brow services require a deposit to reserve. Remaining balance can be made with cash or card the date of service.